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The A family came to FPSC after they lost their home and all of their belongings in an electrical house fire. The A family attended case management monthly and was in constant communication with their caseworker. The A family was successful in re-establishing stable housing and has also obtained employment and medical insurance. They were assisted in connecting with many community organizations that have helped them to refurnish their new home and gain back the safety and security that was lost in the fire.



The H-M family came to FPSC’s Emergency Shelter after Grandma received custody of her four grandchildren and had to leave her apartment due to the increased number of people being in violation of her lease. Grandma worked with her caseworker to meet the many needs of the new family dynamic. Their FPSC caseworker provided assistance to get the children registered into the local school district and ensure that they transitioned well to their new living situation. Agency staff provided the children with youth support services. From the shelter, they moved into FPSC’s Rapid Rehousing program where they are still actively engaged in case management services. It’s been a challenge for Grandma to stretch the household budget to meet the needs of her four grandchildren, but through financial counseling services with her caseworker at FPSC, she has made impressive improvements and is finding a balance with budgeting, paying bills, and obtaining needed documentation.



The M family entered into the emergency shelter program at FPSC after losing their previous living arrangement. Dad worked hard, juggling the needs of his children, their schooling, his work, and attending case management while working to find a new home. With the help of their case worker and the Rapid Rehousing program, they have successfully stabilized their housing and their lives. The M family has settled into their new home, Dad has received a promotion at work, and they have welcomed a dog into their family.



Mr. L was street homeless for over four years. With the help of Family Promise of Sussex County, Mr. L attended case management sessions working hard to obtain medical coverage, income, and housing. Mr. L is now off the streets and living in an apartment. He has been connected to numerous community supports in addition to the continued case management he receives from FPSC.



After twenty-seven healthy years she got evicted from her home. Jane’s beloved husband passed away from a tumor. The tragic turn of events took Jane by surprise. Feeling depressed and confused, Jane struggled to make ends meet. All alone, she had to learn to relive life without the comforts of her past and the assurance of a better tomorrow. She eventually was referred to Family Promise of Sussex County where she was finally able to locate the help she so desperately needed. Our Housing Specialist, who stood by her side all the way to the doorstep of her new home, won the praise and adulation of Jane. Family Promise of Sussex County assisted Jane with a security deposit and first month’s rent. Today, she is safe and housed, but continues to feel lonely. Family Promise of Sussex County recognizes the unintended consequences of rearranging one’s living situation and assures Jane, and many others, that we hear you and that we are working on addressing ways to connect clients with the community for an improved quality of life.



Anna’s homelessness was ushered in by the pandemic. Anna, a single mother, lost her job at the onset of the pandemic and had to relocate closer to her family up North because she was no longer able to make the rent or pay the bills. Living with her family members became burdensome and all involved because of overcrowding and other issues. Before coming to Family Promise, Anna was staying at a local shelter for 6 months. Although grateful for having a roof over her head, she and her child had trouble adjusting to these living arrangements. Her young child, especially, felt the impact of not having a place to call home. Anna stated Family Promise of Sussex County helped her tremendously in finding an apartment, and through case management, Anna learned critical life skills such as budgeting and managing finances. Anna wanted to stress the importance of these skills as they can make a world of difference when trouble strikes. She is currently housed, happy, and hopeful.



Imagine living alone in the winter without heat and being sick. That was the case for Robert, a 76-year-old widower. Robert had just been released from the hospital this winter after a 3 week stay. He returned home to find that his oil tank was empty, and he had no heat in his home. Robert had recently seen a flyer from Family Promise of Sussex County that talked about utility and heating assistance through a program called LIHEAP. Robert made one call to the FPSC office and was very happy he did. Within hours, he had an oil delivery, and his heat was working again. FPSC staff also assisted him in completing the LIHEAP application to prevent this from ever happening again. Don’t wait until the oil runs out. Call us today for assistance in applying for LIHEAP benefits to keep your heat and lights on!



Lara is a vivacious, hopeful, and resilient 61-year-old woman who, after getting laid off, was forced to live out of her car for nine long months! Going back and forth between hotel and shelter, she finally settled in her car. Living out of her car at least afforded her the privacy and peace of mind that she was not able to have elsewhere. During those nine months, she struggled to find work, an apartment, and just meeting her daily needs. She was turned away multiple times by prospective landlords because of her precarious financial situation. She was driving on a road to nowhere. Then, a friend had turned her attention to Family Promise of Sussex County. Lara had never heard of our agency, and because of the many let-downs she had faced, she was apprehensive about seeking help from a nonprofit; after all, what was the catch? Within a week of working with us, Lara was housed and is now working once more. Lara was surprised to learn that strangers she had never met treated her like family. When no one would give her a chance, Family Promise was “there all the time” helping her with housing search and placement, mediation, and much more. Because of Family Promise, Lara says, “I no longer have fear” and that “blessings started raining down” on her since she came in contact with our agency. After months of living in her apartment, she finally got the courage to unpack all her belongings, because our agency gave her the assurance that she will never be alone. When asked what was the one takeaway that she would like to share, Lara paused and said, “no one knows that they are only a paycheck away from homelessness.”



Picture this: You have a job, but as hard as you work to make ends meet, your best efforts are just not enough. An unexpected crisis occurs: loss of employment, a health issue or a major car or home repair issue arises. The bills begin to pile up along with the mounting stress as you fear that eviction will soon occur.  In this time of need, when you put forth your best efforts for your family but still fall short of meeting your basic needs for your children and yourself. Where can you turn for help?  

This is what happened to Lauren and her family which led to their homelessness. She and her young son entered into our shelter program earlier this year. With the help of her case manager, Lauren has been able to develop a plan that addresses her family needs and has strengthened her chances of gaining employment that will provide a living wage. As a single parent, she thought this would not be possible, especially in her financial situation. But, with the support and guidance she found at Family Promise of Sussex County, Lauren has been able to obtain the necessary resources to get back on track to self-sufficiency.  

Lauren has returned to school where she has been successfully working towards her goal of becoming a Certified Medical Assistant. Working with her case manager they identified resources for financial aid and scholarships. Lauren has continued to work hard and has received excellent academic awards. She is now ready to find a place to call home and is expected to be moving out of the shelter soon.  

With the help of Family Promise of Sussex County, Lauren has joined the long list of others who have turned their lives around. 



Kyle first came to Family Promise of Sussex County in 2015. He is physically disabled, struggling with anxiety and depression symptoms, and was experiencing homelessness. Kyle had been living in a tent hidden in the woods, he could not afford his medication and sometimes used alcohol and drugs to self-medicate. This is how Kyle had existed for the past two years. He struggled to maintain stability with his mental health and substance abuse issues. Consequently, he had trouble finding and maintaining and at times, was falling back on maladaptive coping mechanisms. 

Since engaging in services at Family Promise of Sussex County, Kyle has successfully completed substance abuse rehabilitation treatment. He continues to struggles with his mental health but is now experiencing longer periods of stability and has learned new life skills to help him cope with life’s stressors. Kyle and his Housing Specialist at Family Promise work together to meet his needs. Recently, Kyle was approved for a supportive housing program and will soon have a place to call his own.


Your gift to Family Promise of Sussex County does more than help families to escape homelessness, Family Promise of Sussex County breaks the cycle of poverty and builds long-term financial stability and self-sufficiency.